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Monday, July 26, 2010

"Go forth..."

Sitting down to lunch together today, Sami quipped conversationally over hot dogs and black olives, "So, what DID the doctors say know, the babies...not coming out?" How old is this kid anyway, because that did not sound like a 5 year old! I had not mentioned my surgery to Sami, though she knew I had to go to the doctor, so she probably just connected the dots that it was baby related. I don't want her to know if we're trying again or not so that there is no more roller coaster for this child until it seems imminent that there will actually BE a baby. I just said, "They don't know, babe" and she let it go.

The fact is, in my impatience, I emailed my surgeon the other day even though our follow up isn't until the 10th. I asked him if he was going to recommend anything else before we start to try again. His response was, "Go forth and procreate. There is no need to wait." (I'm not sure if he was going for the rhyme or not.) So. There it is. We have a green light.


  1. Yay for green lights! Go forth and know :)

  2. Praying for you on this journey, Karen. Hoping and praying. xoxo

  3. Smiles from me, and hoping your deepest wishes come true!