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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friendship & Generosity

Last weekend, we went to a comedy club and dinner with some friends we met through our support group. After the first week of group, Billy and I wondered if it was weird to find couple friends through an infant loss support group. Turns out, not so weird after all. How strange to anticipate getting together with the group and think that it will be nice to be around "normal" people! Because this is now our normal, where people we deal with on a daily basis are usually sympathetic but beginning to forget, often supportive, but don't really get it. Because you really can't get it if you haven't been there. To be with people who are walking in these very same shoes is a comfort. It stinks to have been brought together by such crappy circumstances, but I feel blessed to have met these people, who in such a short time, I feel that I can call friend.

The March for Babies is only a few days away. I've been blown away by the support we've gotten from so many people. I set our original fundraising goal at $100, and quickly bumped it up to $250. As of today, we've raised almost double that. I am working on t-shirts for us to wear in the race, thanks to the inspiration of a friend. Hope they turn out decent! I'll post pictures after this weekend. I hear it's going to be cold and possibly a rain/snow mix that morning. Swell!

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  1. Hi. I was reading your story, and our histories are so similar. My son Caleb was also born at 19w2d after I went into labor five days after my water broke (I, too, thought it was just gas pains). I'm so sorry for your loss...our loss. (((((hugs)))))